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Balgowan, South Australia
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Make a Payment

BPA Membership
BPA Items
Members must 18 years or older
The BPA membership year is from 1st October till 30th September of each year.
$ 5.00
Bin Return
BPA Items
You put it out and we put it back!
Please make sure you put your Balgowan address into the contact form and ensure that your house number is clearly marked on your bins and your house!
The bin return subscription covers 1st October till 30th September of each year.
$ 50.00
BPA Items
All funds generated by the BPA go back into Balgowan!
$ 1.00
BPA Items
The RecShed is available for hire. Price includes a refundable bond of $100. Price shown is per day. Only for use between 9 am and 11.30pm. Please be respectful of nearby residents.
$ 200.00
Payment Enquiries only please. See our Contact page for more.

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